International Sports Photographer Course

International Sports Photographer captures the live event in the art of photography by telling the brief story of sports event, programs, workouts, drills and most importantly a sportsman to provide you with the most comprehensive course in sports conditioning. The principles and practices you learn in this certification will give you the knowledge, skills and abilities to build safe and most effective conditioning program for any sportsman.

  • Learn how to develop a foundation for sports photography
  • Learn new camera tricks in Sports.
  • Learn the various innovative camera software .
  • Learn the principles of digital sports photography.
  • Learn how to develop a sports photograph.
  • Learn the movement photography.
  • Know the camera systems.
  • Know how to click a portrait with studio lightening effect.
  • Know the post processing techniques
  • Know the principles of design and compositions.
  • Understand how to incorporate sport- specific skills into photography
  • Understand the artificial light and natural light.
  • Understand the quality and quantity of light.
  • Understand and the study of the texture.
  • Understand the photo journalism.
  • Understand the retouching.

Package content (Textbook, Bag & Tshirt )